Presenterer her noen aktuelle litterære verk som omtaler likheter og forskjeller mellom frimureri og speiding.

Speiderbroder - her er min hånd!Speiderbroder – her er min hånd!
Speiding i 100 – Frimureri videre, 1907 – 2007

Språk: Norsk
Utgivelses år: 2007

«Speiderbroder – Her er min hånd» er en artikkelsamling laget i forbindelse med Speidingens hundreårsjubileum i 2007. Boken forteller om likheter og forskjeller mellom speiding og frimureri.


Scouting & Freemasonry

Scouting & Fremasonry: two parallel organisations?

Forfatter: Tony Harvey

Språk: Engelsk
Utgivelses år: 2012
Kan kjøpes fra norske nettbutikker eller direkte fra Prestonian Lecture

Summary of the 2012 Prestonian Lecture
In the 2012 Prestonian Lecture I detail the numerous parallels between Freemasonry and Scouting, as well as three major differences. Inevitably the question arises whether the Founder of Scouting, Robert Baden-Powell, was a Freemason and I address not only that question but also ways in which Freemasonry may have influenced Scouting, examining the contributions of Masonic Scouters.

Moving on, I describe the role of the Kindred Lodges Association and the current and potential future relationships between Freemasonry and Scouting at national and local levels. I will give examples of how such relationships are working today. Finally I outline my personal vision of how Freemasonry and Scouting can be of help to each other as they both face challenges in our rapidly changing society.


The Prestonian Lecture presents a fresh and expanded coverage of my previous research, writing and talks on the topic of Scouting and Freemasonry. I bring up to date the existing material, outline the results of new research and describe how Lodges and Scout Groups are working together – as well as other recent events.

The Lecture is complemented by a published booklet that covers the ground in considerably more detail. The booklet is on sale at deliveries of the Lecture and through this website.

Tony Harvey
The Prestonian Lecturer for 2012

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